Observation Bar @ The Queen Mary with the Melanie Pillbox Hat

4:00 AM

Melanie Pillbox hat on Christmas

Today I needed some fresh inspiration.  I wanted to get out of the city.  With its 50 different types of wood and Art Deco style, for Long Beachians, the Queen Mary is the perfect place to feel like you left and gone somewhere without actually going anywhere!  It is just around the corner, across the water.  It was especially exquisite this time of year with its gigantic Christmas tree in the main shopping hall.

After a bit of browsing, I made my way to the Observation Bar where I sipped on a martini and watched the ships come in San Pedro Bay...

Aboard the Observation Bar with Martini
Last weekend during Shop Small Saturday, @HennabyEvelyn designed the most beautiful Henna on my hand and wrist.

Aboard the Observation Bar with Melanie Pillbox Hat
The Melanie Pillbox hat is lovely during the Winter season with its Aran twisted cable knit design. 

The Melanie Pillbox Hat in Mustard Yellow
The Melanie Pillbox Hat in Mustard Yellow

Photo taken from The Queen Mary Website.
Learn more about the Observation Bar and the Queen Mary on their Website!

The Queen Mary Deck Hall

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Where do you go for inspiration?  I'd love to hear about it   


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