Geometric Fashion Trend

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It's Not Rocket Science!

White Purls is all about Geometric shapes. (Just take a look at my Logo!) They are particularly flattering when placed strategically on the body. The geometric lines direct the eye to the areas you want to accentuate and in turn gives symmetry, balance, and good proportions to your overall silhouette.  They help tell the story of your figure effortlessly!  

Darla Pillbox Hat paired with 1920s Blouse

For example, the chevron beading on this 1920s inspired blouse are very thinning but much more interesting than vertical stripes!  As an added bonus, the chevron arrows are pointing down which directs the eye to the waist (the smallest part of the body).

the Darla Pillbox Hat in Charred by White Purls

Darla Pillbox Hat paired with Geometric Pencil Skirt

Another example is this stunning skirt which amazingly works wonders on your bottom end!  The center design is linear with triangular shapes that leads the eye up and down to the various points of interest (the Darla Pillbox Hat, Waist, and shoes).  Additionally, the outer curved designs glorifies the feminine silhouette superbly!

Darla Pillbox Hat in Charred Charcoal
The Darla Pillbox Hat pairs perfectly with geometric shapes.  It has the right amount of design to enhance your outfit, not Over-Kill!

Darla Pillbox Hat in Charred Charcoal by White Purls on Geometric Fashion Trends

Darla Pillbox Hat in the shadows

Geometric designs are trending, adapt to any silhouette and will work wonders for you! Add some visual interest to your outfit with bold lines and shapes!

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What are your experiences with geometric shapes?  I'd love to here from you...     


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